Advisor Professional Development

The NJASC is certified by the New Jersey Department of Education as a Professional Development Provider.  We offer programs at each seasonal conference as well as during LTC for Student Council Advisors and other educators interested in student leadership.  These workshops and programs count toward the "100 Hours" Certification Requirement for Professional Development in New Jersey.

Advisors' Conference - NEW!

In February 2013, we started a new tradition - the NJASC Advisors' Conference. This one day event provides Student Council and other activity advisors the chance to network with peers while receiving valuable training and information about how to become more involved with their State Association.

Pictured below are advisors taking part in "Elected To Lead Everyone", a training session also used at the annual NJASC Leadership Training Conference (LTC) to explore various personalities and leadership styles while discovering how best to work with them to accomplish a common goal.

Our first Advisors Conference in February 2013 also featured:

  • Ice Breakers - to meet fellow advisors from across New Jersey and learn a couple things about them, and yourself.
  • "True Colors" - learning your leadership style and working with those who have others!
  • "Let X = Student Activities" - a video presentation of the Alliance for Student Activities promoting the important of co-curricular activities (such as Student Council) and the fact that participation in them INCREASES test scores and REDUCES dropout rates.
  • Panel of Experts - to share their experience and wisdom with those in attendance.

Here are some quotes from those advisors who attended...

  • "The activities were great...I plan to use them with my students!"
  • "I am going to show the video to my peers, it was inspiring"
  • "I learned some great activities to use for the start of school!"
  • "I wish we had more time, if only there was no snow!"
  • "I will be back next year!"

And so will we - thank you to all the advisors who braved a snowy day to come to The College of New Jersey and participate in this event! We now look forward to the Advisors' Conference becoming an annual feature of our NJASC program to enhance student leadership programs and the experience of those trained professionals (that's you!) who advise and facilitate them.

Seasonal Conferences

NJASC also provides opportunities for Advisor Professional Development at our seasonal conferences, which include the Fall Business Meeting (2 PD hours) in October, Winter Convention (3 PD hours) in January, and Spring Awards Program (2 PD hours) in May.

At the Fall and Winter Conferences, nationally recognized speakers provide special workshops for advisors in attendance following their keynote address to the entire conference. At the Spring Awards Program, the newly designated State Charity provides a workshop for interested advisors and we provide a LTC-related training session. Certificates are provided during each of these conferences for advisors to take home and submit to their district for Professional Development credit.

IMPORTANT: All advisors are encouraged to incorporate Leadership activities or concepts in some manner into their Professional Development Plan (PDP); some districts only will accept Professional Development (PD) Hours that relate to this document.

Advisors' Day at LTC

Each year, we invite advisors and other interested educators to attend Advisors' Day at LTC, our annual NJASC Leadership Training Conference. For more information about LTC and how it can prepare your student leaders for the challenges they will face both in school and beyond, CLICK HERE.

During this full day program which takes place on the second day of each LTC session, participating advisors will observe and take part in LTC activities to find out why their student leaders come back so invigorated and ready to lead. Lunch is included, and advisors are welcome to stay after the program ends for dinner and the "LTC Games"! 

The NJASC awards 7 Professional Development Hours to each participant upon completion of this program.  For more information about Advisors' Day at LTC, please e-mail NJASC Executive Directors Lou Miller at or Wendy Booth Sitzler at